Becoming A Celebrated Musician

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A song is an art and as such there are no fast rules to play by. Yet, if you play a thousand songs to the same group of people and then get them to vote freely, only one or two songs would emerge as clear favourites. But what makes them good songs? Well, this is one of the hardest questions and nowhere else but only on this music blog will you get a concrete answer. Just read on.

To begin and unlike in most music blog that promises to teach you how to be a great musician in one day, I have to get you started on the right note. Yes! No hyping. You need to realize that no one becomes a celebrated song writer and musician overnight. Even the most famous music geniuses put in significant effort before they can create their masterpieces. However, this does not mean it’s impossible or impossible to become a good musician and songwriter. Here are some tips to help you through;

Have a unique song concept and idea

A good song always begins with a song concept or idea. Ask yourself, what is the song about? What story will it bring out? The more unique the idea, the better it is. To give you a hint, a great way to make your song concept unique is to take an idea and twist it into something no one has ever thought off. For example, one of the most used phrases is to say that, “he has got friends in high places”. You can twist this into something like “I have friends in low places”. In fact, this was a twist that went as far as #1 on the billboard for Garth brooks and helped him lunch his music career in a highly successful way. It does work wonders if you get it right.

At times, it’s actually the overall ideal of the song that makes it unique and at other times it’s a catchy melody married to a title such that it is extremely memorable. For example, “Lord I need you” is not what anyone would consider a unique title but Matt Maher married this phrase to a melody that soars and made it very popular both in Sunday services in almost all the 450,000 churches in the united states as well as among contemporary Christians and even worldwide. In addition, this title became one of the most prominent in most music blog under the category of great gospel hits of all times. All in one, a unique concept or song idea is always the starting point of a great song.

Know how you feel

Music is usually a reflection of the soul and emotion. In fact, this is one of the key factors that makes it possible to classify songs in a music blog into categories that even you yourself appreciates are different. If you write without feeling anything at in your heart, you will definitely not be able to write a song that will capture peoples’ attention. You need to draw attention and inspiration from what you are and what you feel. In simple terms, you should know what genre to write on. Is it rock or do you like sentimental love songs? Or will it be happy novelty songs. The moment you listen to your inner self and identify your personality, you will be able to identify what songs to write. Always have in mind that one cannot be a jack of all trades.

Focus on the lyrics

How to write up good lyrics is the next issue. Other than a good melody, lyrics mean a lot in a song. This is why you find both the song and its lyrics posted on a music blog because these are equally important. Even with all the above ideas plus the greatest song arrangement, if your song lyrics do not really voice out exactly how they are supposed to, your audience will definitely not love your music. A great tip is to avoid using jargons and deep words because most people prefer simple yet profound lyrics. Make your song the easiest to understand. However, make sure to weed out clichés and instead use fresh ideas that are up to date and if possible future oriented.

Lastly, organize and arrange your song well. Have a chorus that repeats 3-4 times and if possible have the title of the song appear in it several times. Do not let it go on too long but keep it memorable and concise. This way, you will have written a great song but remember what we said earlier, “You do not become a celebrated song writer in one day”. It takes both research on this music blog and patience to get it right. Support Local Bands